Skin79 Homme BB Cream

Skin79 Homme BB Balm

Having heard  all the rave reviews about BB creams, I decided to try it myself. I figured that if ALL Korean celebs (men and women) use BB cream daily, they must be doing something right in maintaining those flawless porcelain skin. If you still don’t know what BB creams are (you are most probably not Asian), read it here.

So in order to save my blemished face (thanks to all the sun-tanning and outdoor activities during my undergraduate days), I did an online search and Skin79 Homme BB Cream was one of the highly recommended brands for its ‘Triple-Action Formula’ (intense whitening, wrinkle care and UV Block) suitable for men. There is a Singaporean ebay seller who is peddling it at quite a steal for $20 a tube, so I decided to give it a try and ordered it 2 days ago. She sells ladies BB creams too.

So it has officially arrived today, and I will review this product again when I use it for the next 1-2 week or so!



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2 responses to “Skin79 Homme BB Cream

  1. James

    This Homme BB cream is too watery and the color’s too fair.

  2. this bb cream works for me…ive been using it for a month now and i love the result…

    i wanna try etude house love homme…hope it’ll work..

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