The Bali Curse


After 4 days of hiatus from Bikram yoga – ie just eat and play in Bali – I returned to the hot room today and felt like a wreck the moment I completed the eagle pose.

I felt nauseous, gassy and generally clumsy. I believe it is because I ate too much carbs when I was in Bali, and also the fact that I drank less water than usual with all that activities under the hot sun. I could feel the difference immediately. I was dehydrated.

My reflections – a mere 4 days of losing focus on what one should nourish the body with can damage all the hard work put in!

Moving forward, will hydrate like mad, increase my greens, cut the processed foods and bikram daily until I get the groove going again!


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Filed under bikram, healthy living, reflections, yoga

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