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Sweat with me?

Sweat with me?

Those who follow me on Facebook would know that I have been attending Bikram classes at Bikram Yoga Harbourfront daily for the past 18 days religiously. It is still tough for me as a newbie but I would like to encourage you to give it a try. There are many articles about Bikram yoga online so I shan’t spend time marketing it here. But if you do want to try a 10-day unlimited pass for $50, please let them know that I have referred you. Thus far I have convinced 5 of my friends to join me already and they are really loving the benefits.


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September 24, 2013 · 1:33 pm

Meatless-ly happy

2 months. Or 63 days to be exact. No meat. 

It started as a ’30-day trial’ as I was not even sure if I could stay on a vegetarian diet for long. Surprisingly, a lot of ‘inconveniences’ were self-conjured. Over the past weeks, I discovered that there were actually many vegetarian dining options out there – and many many other possibilities of how one could prepare a hearty meal without harming any animals. Most importantly, plants can taste good, if not better!

I am confident enough to say that I am pledging to be a vegetarian for life. I don’t want that awful sensation of putting animals into my mouth anymore. I don’t want to burp dead animals. I want to put a stop to violent animal farming practices. 

That said, I hope you don’t see me as some arrogant self-righteous animal rights crackpot. I am still your normal friend and I don’t mind you eating animals in front of me. My dearest Dad still enjoys his pig trotters and assam fish head while I quietly savour my lifeless vegetables at the dinner table. Our conversations are normal and family bonds remain as strong as before. Nobody at home could really find any reason to complain about me eating plants in front of them, so there. 

Nothing has changed really, I am still me, except for a slight stirring from within – that I am meatless-ly happy. 🙂

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Goodbye Fluffie

I am writing this with a very heavy heart. Fluffie developed serious breathing difficulties on Friday. He refused to eat and drink, and we knew it was something serious.

Brought him to the vet today and she told us to be prepared for the worst. She gave him antibiotic and painkiller jabs, and prescribed some medication for us to nurse him.

We nursed him and as you can see in the video, he was totally weak as seen in the first video. I chanted Mani prayers for him, hopefully it can bring him some comfort.

One hour after nursing him, Fluffie passed away peacefully. As I had to rush off to help out at the  21 Tara Grand Puja, I had no time to grieve. We left him to rest alone while we went for the 21 Tara Grand Puja. 

When we got home, we got down to his burial. May he find a good rebirth. Om mani padme hung. 

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Arvo pick me up


Cous cous with beans and nuts for arvo snack!

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May 29, 2013 · 4:41 pm

Guess where?

I will be flying somewhere tomorrow to spend the rest of 2009 and to usher in 2010 at somewhere ‘remote’. Well, not quite, since it’s rather a touristy area now.

This is the sight I am waiting to behold…but I doubt there’ll be any greens left since it’s winter now

If the weather cooperates, I hope to see snow covered pinnacles instead!

I will be back on 2nd Jan, just in time to start work on the 4th. I’m very excited to start work at my new posting, but for now, let me scale the ‘secret’ heights first.

Merry Christmas, Happy Boxing Day and Have a Wonderful 2010! Take care and I’ll update again in 2010!


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