Vegan in Cebu

Thanks to globalisation, there are vegan friendly restaurants here in Cebu, making my Day 1 here very comfortable. Siam Thai Cuisine at Ayala Centre Cebu offers a vegetarian menu and I was assured that no eggs and dairy are involved, unless upon request.

The vegetarian fried rice and tofu with cashews are really very yummy!



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Q&A on why I decided to go meatless

3 weeks have past ever since I embarked on being a vegan. While to most people it sounded quite drastic, for me it was a smooth transition so far. Over the past weeks friends and family have been very supportive, and I was asked many questions about this conversion. So I am listing their questions and my responses – if you are interested. 🙂

Q: This is so sudden. What happened?

A: It has been gradual actually. I was surrounded by many vegetarians (I am a Buddhist) and for the longest time I have been delaying the conversion. In fact it is NOT a requirement for Buddhists to be vegetarians – Buddha never said so – but in the practice of Bodhicitta (loving-kindness), many Buddhists resolve to go meatless because one of the vows we take is to refrain from taking another life. While eating meat doesn’t mean we are committing murder, the fact that I demand it still makes me complicit in the food chain. I aspire to minimize my predator pawprint so to speak. So I was still eating meat but I slowly cutoff meat and tried the pescetarian (seafood) diet. I became flexitarian – swinging around seafood and meat aimlessly, vegetarian on certain days etc.

Moreover, I am an animal lover. I have dogs, guinea pigs, gerbils and fish as pets. I interact with them daily and i don’t need to find scientific evidence to prove that they have consciousness. One of my dogs even undergone depression when my grandma passed away. I asked myself why I can eat pigs, cows, chickens and not feel awful about it, yet when I read about some cultures eating dog meat I became so enraged? Upon deep reflection, I realised I have been avoiding thinking about meat eating, and I have no right to judge dog or cat eaters.

So during Vesak Day, I told myself no more vacillating. Just do it.

Q: Then why vegan? Why so extreme?
A: Veganism involves abstaining from all animal products such as dairy and eggs. I have stopped drinking cow’s milk for a few years already. It started when I was doing yoga and my instructor told me that milk is very bad for adults because it produces a lot of mucous in the body. I thought it was bullshit. I love my milk! But I went home, researched on dairy, and decided that there are truths to it. I also visited a dairy farm and I could see cows crying. To most people, their eyes are naturally wet. To me it was tears. And I vividly remembered visiting a chicken battery farm when I was in Primary School. The chickens were stacked up high like HDB and they couldn’t move. I saw one of their legs trapped between the wires, and asked the guide whether he can help to pull the leg out of the wires, he told me “it’s ok, they don’t need to walk anyway”. His reply hit me hard. I went home and cried.

I said I will try veganism for a month and thus far I am still holding up well. I don’t sense any difficulty or changes to my body. But I think I might probably eat diary and egg products (such as ice-cream, pancakes etc) once a while after this 30-day challenge. But right now I am resolved to be vegetarian for life. Maybe I will eat eggs again, but in moderation.

Q: Don’t you feel weird or strange? Like weak?

A: Except that I think I cannot lift heavy weights as before, but I have been reading up on vegetarian bodybuilding so I think that can be managed. Otherwise, I don’t feel strange. In fact I would advice you to read “Eating Animals” and watch the film “Earthlings”. Both the book and film made me feel weird eating meat.

Q: How about your social life?

A: Please, vegetarians do go out, dance and have fun! And most restaurants have vegetarian options nowadays, it’s not an issue at all. I am not a monk! Lol.


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It being Friday, let’s give thanks by eating more vegetables!

For lunch, it was Shimbashi Soba at Paragon Orchard. You know how hard it is to find vegetarian food in Orchard, let alone vegan? Well, Shimbashi Soba has a vegetarian menu and I was told they don’t use eggs and dairy, and so I was thoroughly pleased! I had the Shokuda Set that comes with soba, avocado salad, vegetable sushi, tempura and mochi for dessert. Oiishi!


For dinner, it was at New Green Pasture Health Food Trading at Fortune Centre Level 4. We had 3 different types of rolls – Vietnamese, Sri Lankan and Sushi rolls! I found the Lankan roll a tad too spicy for my liking (a mix of potato and tofu curry) but love the other two absolutely. Will definitely be back very often!




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Sunny Choice

It’s my 2nd evening having dinner at this organic eatery and I must must mention it.

Strongly recommended by my aunt and cousin, I had my first meal at Sunny Choice (The Rail Mall) yesterday and ordered a thunder tea rice and vegetable sushi. The thunder tea rice was wicked, packed with vegetables and crunchy stuff which I think are deep fried shrooms.

This evening, I ordered Lepat which I don’t even know what that was. It’s another version of a veg rice bowl that consists of braised shrooms, cucumbers, crunchy lentils and beans, alfafa, spinach….it was just heavenly. I ordered their classic salad too and it was just so easy and joyful to eat!



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Goodbye Fluffie

I am writing this with a very heavy heart. Fluffie developed serious breathing difficulties on Friday. He refused to eat and drink, and we knew it was something serious.

Brought him to the vet today and she told us to be prepared for the worst. She gave him antibiotic and painkiller jabs, and prescribed some medication for us to nurse him.

We nursed him and as you can see in the video, he was totally weak as seen in the first video. I chanted Mani prayers for him, hopefully it can bring him some comfort.

One hour after nursing him, Fluffie passed away peacefully. As I had to rush off to help out at the  21 Tara Grand Puja, I had no time to grieve. We left him to rest alone while we went for the 21 Tara Grand Puja. 

When we got home, we got down to his burial. May he find a good rebirth. Om mani padme hung. 

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Went to Star Vista for lunch and I was surprised to see Frunatic, a raw food restaurant that sells super foods and juices, with fruits as their main focus. As I already had my lunch, I bought 3 bite-sized vegan cakes (lime, mango and choc banana) as take-out for desserts later. The flourless cakes do not use eggs and dairy, so it’s soya-based.

So full of goodness! Will definitely return to try their juices and fruit salads another time.



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The Clueless Vegetarian

Day 6 and no meat cravings. Being a vegan virgin I need to educate myself better on preparing nutritious veggie meals, fuss-free. I rummaged my cousin’s bookshelf (she’s vegetarian) and found this very easy to read The Clueless Vegetarian by Evelyn Raab and am recommending this book to any veggie noob like me!


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