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Sweat with me?

Sweat with me?

Those who follow me on Facebook would know that I have been attending Bikram classes at Bikram Yoga Harbourfront daily for the past 18 days religiously. It is still tough for me as a newbie but I would like to encourage you to give it a try. There are many articles about Bikram yoga online so I shan’t spend time marketing it here. But if you do want to try a 10-day unlimited pass for $50, please let them know that I have referred you. Thus far I have convinced 5 of my friends to join me already and they are really loving the benefits.


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September 24, 2013 · 1:33 pm

The Torture Chamber

Today was my 6th consecutive Bikram yoga session. And it doesn’t get easier at all. 90mins in a 40 deg C hot room with 40% humidity is a totally awful experience.

But I don’t know why I keep going back. During the classes, I felt like I hated everything. I hated the poses, I hated the fact that I had only 2mins rest (savasana or the ‘dead corpse’ pose) in between the challenging poses, I hated the breathlessness, I hated the heart thumping I swear I thought was going to go into a cardiac arrest, I hated the thirst…

But when the class ends, the hatred dissipates into a kind of bliss that I cannot describe. It follows me throughout the day.

And then I go back to the torture chamber again the very next day, trying to improve on the poses paying attention to the instructor’s dialogue, while I struggle with my own internal monologues.

“Lock your knees, lock your knees, lock your knees!”
– Yah if I could lock my knees you’d out of your job.

“Open your shoulders like a flower blooming.”
– I must be Rafflesia…wait how does a flower bloom in 40deg?

“It’s going to hurt but don’t be afraid…bend, bend, more and more till it is a 360 deg wheel”
– If I can do that I would have been in cirque du soleil and not here.

Anyway, I am still alive and will still be going back tomorrow. Bikram yoga is a love-hate relationship. It is addictive.

Try it and you will understand what I mean.

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